Outcomes and outputs

  1. Creation of a functional framework for the QA implementation:

    To increase inter-institutional liaison, networking and sharing of best-practices by the creation of a network of expert, development of an information system and drafting of study trend analysis.

  2. Set up a Western Balkans Quality Assurance Observatory:

    To facilitate the communication, agree on common practices, track the last development and foster benchmarking initiatives.

  3. Defining common guidelines and methodologies for QA at National and regional level

    To foster the creation of integral strategies supported by data evidence and based on the constitution of common values

  4. Strengthen capacity building through targeted training programme
  5. Improve technical capacity by the conducting External Institutional Assessment within HEIs
  6. Widely disseminate project results within Western Balkans institutions and contribute to the Bologna process by creating attractiveness of the European higher education