Workshop IV - External Assessment Mechanism for Quality Assurance Agencies

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 to Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Serbian of QA Agency premises and University of Alicante

Workshop IV:  External Assessment Mechanism for Quality Assurance Agencies with ENQA standards and guidelines


The main topic of this forth training organised in the framework of the CUBRIK project is the external evaluation of Quality Assurance (QA) Agencies. At the end of the workshop the QA Agencies received a complete overview of the evaluation report that they will later finalise at home. This will serve as a basis for their external assessment.  Our experts form ASII; AQA and HAC explained the methodology of the European standards for external QA Agency to QA Agencies experts of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. The intensive training lasted 2 days and was hosted by the Serbian QA Agency in Belgrade. Special attention was on:

  • Use of external QA procedures for Higher Education
  • Official status, independence and accountability procedures
  • Activities and Resources: agencies should undertake external QA activities or programme level on a regular basis
  • Mission statement: Agencies should have clear and explicit goals and objectives for their work, contained in a publicly available statement
  • External QA criteria and processes used by the agencies should be pre-defined and publicly available.

The programme of the workshop was built up taking into account the heterogeneity of the Partner Countries involved in the project and was organised so that the most experienced partners transmitted their experience to the ones with less experience and the others had the possibility to solve their doubts so that in this way the approach chosen was beneficial to both parties.

Presentations can be found in the extranet.


  • Prof. György BAZSA, former president of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee,
  • Dietlinde Kastelliz, Austrian Agency for Quality Assurance,
  • Janna Wessels, ASIIN,